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Leading Revenue Cycle Company Maximizes Providers’ Reimbursement For Telehealth

Scio Management Solutions' Clients Receive Payments For More Services After Order From CMS

SARASOTA, FL – June 5, 2020 – Scio Management Solutions, a revenue cycle management company, is helping its clients collect even more by leveraging updated CMS guidelines during the coronavirus pandemic. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced it would reimburse all covered telehealth services at the same rate as in-person services, which has allowed Scio to increase its clients’ revenue while ensuring patients get the care they need.

Scio Management Solutions has long dedicated itself to earning the maximum dollar amount for patient encounters. Now, with the new CMS guidelines, the company can expand that expertise to virtual patient visits. In April 2020, CMS added 80 new telehealth services to its list of covered services. Immediately, Scio began addressing clients’ coding, billing, and reporting to capitalize on revenue opportunities, particularly at a time when providers in certain specialties were experiencing uneven patient volumes and higher-than-usual appointment cancellations.

“Telehealth visits include emergency department visits, initial nursing facility and discharge visits, home visits, and therapy services, which must be provided by a clinician that is allowed to provide telehealth,” the order from CMS states. “New, as well as established patients, now may stay at home and have a telehealth visit with their provider.”

Scio has earned a national reputation for successfully handing difficult-to-bill, highly complex provider organizations, including cancer hospitals and dermatology practices. The company’s experience delivering sophisticated revenue cycle management has been applied to a broad cross-section of medical specialties, and today, the company’s 800 employees work on behalf of more than 3,000 providers.

“We were excited to see the CMS guidelines. It will be beneficial to doctors and patients alike,” said Lisa Steadman, Director of Practice Solutions at Scio. “During this time, we’ve also expanded our suite of services we provide to clients beyond revenue cycle management. For example, we’re using this time to deliver more consulting and auditing services, which ultimately helps our clients capture more revenue from payers and patients.”

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About Scio Management Solutions Scio Management Solutions, headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, is a revenue cycle management company dedicated to delivering superior results for its clients. In addition to revenue cycle management, Scio offers auditing solutions and practice consulting. Learn more at



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