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Other Specialties

We Practice For All Practices

At Scio, we’ve taken our experience delivering complex revenue cycle management for cancer hospitals and oncology practices, and we applied that expertise to a broad cross-section of medical specialties. In fact, today, Scio works with more than 3,000 providers representing nearly every medical specialty. So, whether you’re a nephrologist or a neurologist…an obstetrician or an ophthalmologist…Scio Management Solutions can help improve your billing and collections.

In addition, at Scio we can assist your practice regardless of which billing software or EHR system you use.

RCM for PTs, DCs, & PhDs

In addition to our extensive work with physician practices, Scio also provides billing and collections services to other types of healthcare enterprises, including physical therapy centers, behavioral health practitioners, chiropractors, and podiatrists, among others.

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