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Leadership Team

Meet Our Team

Dave Kumar
Chairman & Founder

Dave Kumar founded SCIO Management Solutions in 2009 and personally leads our international team of over 800 people. With extensive experience in healthcare spanning over 20 years, Dave has built and lead teams supporting medical billing, operations, strategy, human resources and transition planning. His extensive knowledge across multiple medical specialties includes Oncology, Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, Radiology, Dermatology, Nephrology and Pulmonology as well as various surgical specialties.

Dave’s commitment is demonstrated through his record of exceptional customer satisfaction in project implementation and service delivery supported by a team built upon mutual respect and dedication to our customers. The ease of new account transitions onto SCIO Management’s platform and continuous support of each client’s needs are reflective of Dave’s highest standards which have become SCIO’s hallmarks of service excellence.

Dave completed his MBA at Great Lakes Institute of Management and has certifications in Lean Six Sigma and as a Certified Project Management Professional. He serves as a visiting professor on healthcare systems and financial operations at leading business schools.

Dave balances his dedication and work ethic with the blessings of a wonderful wife and two precious daughters. He is an accomplished vocalist who enjoys singing with friends and family. He also enjoys playing soccer in his free time.

Josh Marks
Vice President of Business Development

Josh joined SCIO Management Solutions in April of 2010 as Director of Marketing. Leveraging his experience in marketing and finance, he was soon promoted into his current role as Vice President of Business Development. Josh has been integral in the growth of SCIO Management Solutions through his ability to network and connect practices and hospitals to the right solutions. He has helped thousands of physicians, securing some of the largest cancer organizations in the country as clients and establishing long term partnerships with the largest Specialty Group Purchasing Organization and the most utilized oncology-focused software company.

Josh has a larger-than-life attitude coupled with a positive mindset that has impacted hundreds of clients across multiple specialties from coast-to-coast. While focused on developing new business relationships, he remains committed to the success of his current client base creating a family like environment.

In his spare time Josh is passionate about volunteering, boating, fishing, and all things athletic. In October 2017, Josh had the pleasure of joining the American Cancer Society Determination Team to run in the Chicago Marathon. He is an advocate for health and fitness, and finds great joy in supporting anyone he meets in achieving their health and fitness goals.

Josh loves to cook, but unless you like chicken, steak and avocados we recommend you ask him to make you reservations!

Lisa Steadman
Director of Practice Solutions

Lisa Steadman has worked in Healthcare for 25 years and has demonstrated leadership success in the field as a practice administrator and cancer center director. While her primary focus has been in Medical Oncology and GYN Oncology, she also has experience in Primary Care, Obstetrics, Urology, Pulmonology, Physical Therapy, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Palliative Care, & Gynecology and Perinatology.

Lisa has a very hands-on leadership style in her approach to daily practice operations from beginning to end. This attention to detail supports the best clinical care and a positive patient experience. Ms Steadman has been involved with the Oncology Care Model working with a practice of 27 providers. As an integral part of the implementation and oversight team, their successes included the reduction of Emergency Department visits by 40% as part of their practice redesign efforts while increasing patient satisfaction to the 99th percentile for accessibility.

With her extensive experience in billing and revenue cycle including coding education for providers and nursing staff, performing E&M and infusion audits and identifying patient assistance, she brings a wealth of knowledge to support our clients.


In addition to affordable, fair pricing, our offshore team can deliver round-the-clock support when you need it and tireless collections efforts while you’re asleep!

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