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Insurance Pre-Check

Get It Right At The Start

Verifying a patient’s insurance coverage is a vital step in the revenue cycle process. However, having coverage is only part of the story. You need to know the patient’s financial responsibility at the time of service. Has the patient met his or her deductible? Is the service he or she is seeking covered? Does it require prior-authorization?

Any misstep in the process can result in delayed or denied claims. That’s why clients of all sizes and specialties look to Scio to handle insurance pre-checks.​


Scio provides our clients with a variety of insurance verification outsourcing options – from all-online solutions to enlisting our team to make outbound phone calls. With our insurance pre-check services, your organization will have confidence that each encounter, each service, and each medication will be covered and reimbursed.

Scio’s insurance pre-check services include:​

  • Verifying the patient’s insurance coverage and type

  • Determining covered services and covered medications

  • Determining the patient’s financial responsibility

  • Determining if the patient has met his or her deductible

  • Identifying the need for prior-authorization and specifying the type of authorization required.

How Much Can Our Insurance Pre-Check Mean To Your Practice?

Click here, and we’ll send you metrics for average revenue lift from our insurance pre-check services.

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