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On-site Operational Assessments

Evaluate all areas of clinic
. Review key performance

. Review patient flow check-in
to check-out

Coding and Billing Capture Audits

. E&M

. Review documentation of
infusion, RT, labs, surgical
procedures, etc.

Missed Charge and Drug Audits

Analytic reports comparing
dispensed drugs to billed and
paid charges

Posted Payment Audits

. Underpayment review
. Improper adjustments

Account Receivable Clean Up / Close

. Work aged A/R
. Work write off reports
. Work down A/R from legacy
billing software

SCIO manages all RCM functions

. Implementation of Practice
Analyzer and Revenue
Recovery findings

.  24-hour turnaround times for
charges and payments

.  98% first pass claim rate
.  34% average reduction in days
.4.2% average increase to topline revenue
.  43% average cost savings to

Scio Management Solutions

Launches new practice improvement strategy program -

Revenue Acceleration Framework (RevAF). RevAF uses Scio
Management Solutions proprietary tools to analyze your practice’s coding,
documentation, utilization and each revenue cycle function to identify any
inefficiencies or discrepancies. Once identified, Scio will work with your practice
to correct previous errors and engage with corresponding staff to eliminate
errors from reoccurring.


sciom (1).png

Scio has onsite and remote options available with most of the programs having
little to no upfront costs as Scio generates most of their fees based on successful
recovery or implementation of services to the practice. Scio has been able to
reduce practice cost of collections by an average of 43% while increasing top line
revenue by an average of 4.2%.

SCIO Management Solutions is a revenue cycle management and consulting firm focused on  cancer disease related

specialties with extensive knowledge in medical and radiation oncology, diagnostics, and  various surgical specialties.

We understand the complexity of buy-and-bill medical specialties and provide expertise to improve revenue recovery.


SCIO’s Consulting and Auditing Services not only identify the gaps in a practice’s revenue cycle, but SCIO will correct the errors and refile the corrected claims on behalf of your practice. Our Revenue Recovery Audits are contingencybased, so there are no upfront fees and we only collect a percentage of the recovered revenue recognized in the audit that your practice wasn’t aware was missing.

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