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Auditing Services

Ready For Your Checkup?

Scio’s audit services give our clients insights into their businesses that would be otherwise unavailable. Our onsite audit team can help uncover issues at each step in the revenue cycle, from insurance verification, to coding errors, to claims denials and uncollected funds – from insurance payers as well as patients.


Our audit team can examine, evaluate, report, and provide actionable recommendations for the following components of your organization’s revenue cycle:

  • A/R workflow reviews

  • Appeals preparation

  • Claims submission errors

  • Collections tasks

  • Denials audit

  • Detailed claims analysis and resolution procedures

  • Rebilling corrected claims

  • Unpaid, denied, and non-response claim analysis

We dig deep to find potential issues that are preventing your business from maximizing revenue. We look at chart reviews to increase coding accuracy, improve clinical documentation, enhance charge capture, and guarantee compliance with medical billing and healthcare fraud prevention requirements. After our team comes in, you can expect fewer claims denials and high reimbursements.


In addition to affordable, fair pricing, our offshore team can deliver round-the-clock support when you need it and tireless collections efforts while you’re asleep!

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